Andrew’s love of entertainment first started in radio. After working in student radio at the University of Texas at Austin, he went on to intern at KLBJ-FM for the Dudley and Bob with Debra Morning Show. The ensuing shenanigans and stunts (from literally getting his ass kicked for charity to one ill-advised nipple piercing) eventually led him to pursue stand-up comedy in 1998.

Glutton for punishment that Andrew is, he chose to get his start at The Velveeta Room’s open mic — dubbed “The Toughest Room in America” by The New York Times. After some time in Austin, Andrew moved to San Diego. He worked for The Comedy Store in La Jolla, which gave him the opportunity to perform in Hollywood. Currently, he hosts and performs every Friday night at Winstons Beach Club. His love of performing and comedy will never die, so you’d better get used to him.